Tankut SUR / Assistant General Manager of Internal Services

I was introduced to Exalt about 4 years ago. Since day one, Exalt has been for us more of a business partner rather than a consultancy firm. We consider them as our business colleagues. Whenever we faced a complex situation, whether in time constrictions or in search of employees, they have always been there for us. Their approach has never been just to fill in a position – they take the time to understand our specific needs, offer detailed consultancy in job openings, job descriptions and our organization.

Many times we have come together to discuss the available positions in the company, and re-defined the required positions and job descriptions according to their recommendations. If I were to briefly sum up the most important features of Exalt, this is what I would say:

They are fast. Their primary strategy is to get well acquainted with your company to better understand your needs. Thus, they can rapidly provide the best feed-backs.

They are proactive. Even when you are not in search of employees, they offer you potential candidates in favor of your organization, which could help developments in diverse directions.

They are knowledgeable. Having originated from human resources, they are a master in the market. They can provide solutions that would satisfy both the employee dynamics and company requirements.

They are flexible. They can easily adapt to the company's changing demands and conditions.

I recommend Exalt to all the companies who believe that the features mentioned above are important. We as Digiturk have been working with them for a long time, based on a mutually beneficial and satisfactory business partnership. I sincerely hope that this partnership will be of long duration.

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