Eylem GÜNGÖR GÖKÇAY / Human Resources and Corporate Communications Manager

Since our first day with Exalt, we have worked on numerous recruitment projects that required special resolving efforts. Yet, most were successfully concluded, incorporating long-term employees into the structure of our company…

Exalt has always undertaken independently and effectively each job we have worked on, with a disciplined and result-oriented approach. Each recruitment consultancy process was rapidly and efficiently completed on time. While working together, we experienced the progressive approach of a creative team providing cooperative support, talented guidance, and successful relations management. I have to admit, Exalt Consulting holds a very important place at Garanti Technology, thanks to their successful business arrangements.

Ever since its foundation, Exalt Consulting has always been acknowledged as a fast working and reliable firm, undertaking projects that confirm their efficiency.

As a manager and someone who has worked in this field for over 15 years, I must confess that I find the team's professional attitude more impressive than many other colleagues I had the opportunity to get acquainted or have worked with. I take real pleasure of working with them.

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