TURKCELL / Organizational Development Senior Specialist

When Exalt contacted me, I was not actually considering a change of job actively.

One day my phone rang. It was Exalt calling. Unlike other consulting firms who were contacting me from time to time, they offered me a new position in an extremely appropriate way. Most important, they had made a thorough assessment and the recommended position was perfectly matching with my experience, qualification and expectations.

Despite their busy schedule, they organized everything professionally and arranged the interviews in a very short time. During the interviews, they encouraged me to share all my concerns with Turkcell. After all, at that time I was in a critical turning point of my career and had to correctly evaluate all my options. During that critical period, Exalt provided me with the time I needed, and offered me valuable guidance. Now, when I think back, I am grateful for getting in touch with Exalt.

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