Dr. K. Arif KIRKIÇ / General Manager

Academic processes are the priority of private educational institutions and this concern encourages the neglect of human resources processes, especially in newly established private schools. Private schools that have not yet identified and structured their HR processes have difficulty in carrying their development and institutionalization to the desired level, and their institutionalization process prolongs for the disadvantage of the schools.

Özel Fenerbahçe Educational Organizations, which comprises a nursery school, an elementary school and an Anatolian High School in its group, is a recently established body that took a major step in its institutionalization and development by applying an HR Structuring Project just four years after its establishment. I want to specifically emphasize that from the decision-making phase until the end of the project, we have constantly enjoyed the benefits of working with a highly skilled consultancy firm Exalt, on the Özel Fenerbahçe Educational Organizations HR Structuring Project.

During our project with EXALT Consulting, which lasted almost a year, our entire management team and staff have experienced the pleasure of Exalt consultants' constant close attention, advanced skills, humanist approach, efficient sharing, and solution-oriented efforts. By the end of the project, our pride of having selected the right consultancy firm complemented our joyful excitement felt during the course of the project. An additional point I need to mention here is that Exalt Consulting's devoted support after the initiation of the project, to achieve a successful application, has been most valuable for us.

Having experienced their professionalism, I highly recommend Exalt Consulting to all the companies who wish to structure the HR department of their organizations and progress rapidly and effectively in institutionalizing.

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