Erhan TOPRAKKIRAN / General Manager - 2006

In 2002, when I established Proximity Istanbul, it was a first of its kind in Turkey. The first 18 months were very difficult, but at the end of our fourth year, the company had grown even more than we had anticipated.

The company consisted of 5 separate financially-independent companies that were wholly interrelated, integrating 5 different work disciplines and employing a team of 43 people; it had accumulated a customer portfolio that included foreign and domestic firms and brand names.

This kind of rapid unplanned growth generally results in a fall in productivity, and unfortunately I had to devote my time to solving this problem, which was a priority. I asked some acquaintances for suggestions and found that Exalt was by far the most highly recommended alternative.

With an eye to increasing productivity, the restructuring of all processes involved, including the sustainability of basic elements such as employee performance, personnel assessment and motivational mechanisms and quality of service were shared with my new strategic solutions partner, Exalt, and together we began working.

For an entire year, Exalt provided the most professional systematic and well-planned services. They stayed on schedule and true to their daily work plan and timeline, provided analyses and assessments as well as orientation. Exalt was trustworthy and always had their feet planted on solid ground, a companion with whom I would not hesitate to go on that journey again. My relationship with Exalt has outlasted the length of the project and provided me with knowledge and insight that I will be able to utilize for the rest of my life.

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